Lindsay Lohan Blocked by Facebook

Lindsay Lohan has been blocked from accessing her own Facebook account as the site administrator thought it was just another fake account. Writing on her MySpace account, Lohan mentioned to her fans that though initially she laughed out, she was ‘shocked’ and red faced.Lindsay Lohan blocked from Facebook

On her MySpace site, she wrote to her fans, “I signed onto Facebook with my new password because someone keeps hacking into my account, and when I typed my password and “log in” name in, a red sentence came up saying: ‘Account Disabled – Your account has been disabled by an administrator. If you have any questions or concerns, you can visit our FAQ page here’.”

The actor, model and pop singer further reveled, “Wow! I was in shock. Once I got to that it gave a note saying why it was disabled which stated the note saying that it was disabled because they believe that I was a fake of myself. genius.” She felt bad that she was not even sent a warning message that her account would be locked by the social networking site administrator. Instead they took to disabling without any prior notice.

Lindsay mentioned on MySpace, “At first I laughed, and then I got angry. All I can think is, who is running this site? and how can they just “disable” my account without first, sending me a warning notice, or at least asking me some account verification questions.”

Lindsay is frequently seen using her MySpace and FaceBook profiles to actively interact to her fans about her new projects and her everyday life.