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Airtel Free Internet

Airtel allows free Internet for prepaid customers when you activate Airtel Live. Using this free connection, you can also browse on your computer or laptop following the procedures below:

Things you Need

  1. Airtel Live Activated [Its free – Call up the Airtel Customer Care for Instructions or send MASALA ACTIVE to 121.
  2. A Mobile which has data connectivity to your computer
  3. Data Cable
  4. Mozilla or Opera browser

Once you activate Airtel Live, Airtel would send you the settings which you should save. If not, check in your Data Account or Access Point on your phone if the following is set:

Sony Erricson:
gateway :
apn :
username : blank
password : blank
pass req : off
allow calls : automatic
ipaddress :
dnsaddress :
data comp : off
header comp : off

Internet Profiles
internet mode : http
use proxy : yes
ip address :
port : 8080
username :
password :


Connection name : airtel free
data bearer: gprs or packet data
access point name:
authentication: secure

Advanced Settings
proxy server address:
proxy port number: 8080

Test: Try browsing on your phone to check if Internet is working.
You are almost done!

Now connect your mobile to your computer and set up a dial-up connection using the following settings:

  1. Control Panel > Network Connections > New Connection Wizard > Click Next
  2. “Connect to the Internet” > Click Next
  3. “Setup my connection manually” > Click Next
  4. “Connect using a dial-up modem” > Click Next
  5. Enter ISP Name [ AirTel] > Click Next
  6. Enter Phone Number as *99***2# > Click Next
  7. Username, Password should be empty > Click Next
  8. Add shortcut to desktop > Click Finish

Now, try connecting to Internet using your mobile. You should be able to browse on your computer!!

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