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Why Is Facebook Logging Me Out?

Facebook has been one of the widely used social media platforms worldwide. It allows you to network, connect and interact with your friends and relatives. Since most of us often tend to check Facebook, we prefer not to sign in multiple times a day. Always logged in would be the best option. However, some of […]

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Social Networking on Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft has now planned to have social networking services inside its Office 2010 applications. Microsoft Office 2010 is planned to be released this year. Social media sites like LinkedIn have already started creating plugins which can integrate your Outlook with LinkedIn by passing updates to your inboxes. Microsoft is working with MySpace and Facebook to […]

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Google to eat up Facebook – Buzz from Google

Google is all set to take on Facebook head on with its new Google Buzz. Buzz allows you to follow people and share your ideas to the internet world similar to how Facebook does.

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Top 5 Best Music Apps for Facebook

It’s time you spice up your Facebook profile page with your favorite artists, songs and bands. There are a whole lot of music apps available for free to help you make your profile page look cooler and more interactive. Here is a list of the top 5 apps that you can integrate with Facebook platform. […]

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Facebook Music Add Tab

How to Add Music to Facebook

Many artists now have a presence in Facebook and have their songs shared on it. Facebook is a great way to share your music to the world. Many have even ended up with record deals and have grown their musical career out of it. Though we need to add a third-party music application to Facebook, […]

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Facebook Jobs Increase by 635 percent

A recent report by Simply Hired, LinkedIn’s job search portal, reveals through its Employment Trends that jobs on Facebook has increased by 635 percent. Interestingly, MySpace jobs have decreased by 27 percent. LinkedIn also had a substantial growth of 125% jobs while social networking sites did not see an increase in jobs and stayed at […]

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Facebook Gets a New Director

PALO ALTO, Calif., Facebook today announced that Donald E. Graham, chairman of the board and chief executive officer of The Washington Post Company , has agreed to join its board of directors next month. (more…)

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Lindsay Lohan Blocked by Facebook

Lindsay Lohan has been blocked from accessing her own Facebook account as the site administrator thought it was just another fake account. Writing on her MySpace account, Lohan mentioned to her fans that though initially she laughed out, she was ‘shocked’ and red faced. (more…)

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Smartspace from Godaddy

The new SmartSpace from GoDaddy can help even an internet dummy to create a site at ease which has photo galleries, email addresses, chat rooms and a blog. That’s what SmartSpace claims in its caption, “Be live on the web immediately with an instantly connected domain!” SmartSpace offers a free blog tool, a free photo […]

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Scrabulous Gone Except in India

Scrabulous would no longer be accessible to users except in India. The restriction is due to the case being held in the Indian High Court. Most of the Facebook users are aware that Scrabulous cannot be accessed in Facebook. The popular game developed by Rajat and Jayant Agarwalla of Calcutta is a game similar to […]

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