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Fix ‘Missing required hCard / hEntry’ error – Structured Data

Even when you have provided the structured data for author, updated etc, you might still notice that Google throws this error on its structured data testing tool or on your Google Search Console [Webmaster]. To fix the issue, you might try to move the code above your other codes but it might have not helped. […]

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AP assault on Search Engines and Blogs

Associated Press is all frenzy at search engines and blogs who quote their content without proper licensing. The madness does not stop with blogs, websites or forums; it is even against search engines like Google. (more…)

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Google Search Masters Conference Invites – Ridiculous

I have been getting many comments to write about the recent Google Search Masters Conference that happened in Bangalore. Most of them who attended were not even aware what search engine optimization is nor they had any idea of Google Analytics or Google Adwords. As we all know, the invitation was given on a first […]

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Google SearchMasters Conference 2009 – Bangalore, India

Google SearchMasters 2009 conference is happening on 28th February 2009. It will also be an opportunity to share your experiences and meet other members of the Indian webmaster community. The program also features presentations on Google Custom Search EngineTM, building websites for mobile phones and Google AnalyticsTM. (more…)

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Adding Language Translation to your Website

Did you know that 65% of web users speak a language other than English? Haven’t you wished that your blog or website is also available in many other languages? What if most of your visitors are French or Japanese? Not all users understand English. Even if you do not understand French or any other foreign […]

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Godaddy CheckOut Issue – There was a problem authorizing your credit.

Recently, when I tried to buy hosting space from Godaddy, I landed up in a page stating, “There was a problem authorizing your credit. Please verify your payment information or use an alternate form of payment.” after I provided my credit card information. There was no further information on the reason this could have happened. […]

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Third Google Online Webmaster Chat

Extracts from the Chat The third online webmaster chat was attended by Google’s Matt Cutts, Wysz, JohnMu, Maile Ohye and many others. Search engine optimizers and webmasters had some difficult questions for the Google team. Many myths, fears and confusions were cleared out in this chat conference. Some of the extracts are below: Sitemap Questions: […]

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Google Webmaster Tools now shows Crawl Error Sources

New and interesting features are being added to Google Webmaster Tools on a regular basis. Though Yahoo and MSN do update their tools and features, they lag far behind when it comes to Google’s update frequency. Google now helps webmasters understand the crawl error sources. Webmasters using Google’s Webmaster Tools would have faced the issue […]

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Smartspace from Godaddy

The new SmartSpace from GoDaddy can help even an internet dummy to create a site at ease which has photo galleries, email addresses, chat rooms and a blog. That’s what SmartSpace claims in its caption, “Be live on the web immediately with an instantly connected domain!” SmartSpace offers a free blog tool, a free photo […]

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Googlebot Now Notifies Problems with Site URL Structure

Googlebot is becoming clever and smarter day by day. It would no longer be patient enough to crawl all your search result pages which carry those complex URLs. Instead it would send you a warning that it found out high number of URLs. Webmasters have been allowing search engines to index their internal search result […]

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