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Google’s new AdWords Interface

One would wonder when will the Beta be removed from most of Google products be it Gmail or GTalk. But then, that’s a result of continuous development and research by Google. Now, Google offers a new Beta AdWords interface which is currently limited to countries like the U.K. and Australia. The Beta Adwords interface is […]

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Pharmas Seek Branded Websites for Online Marketing

Studies have revealed that banner ads, campaign programs and visits on a branded website helped pharmaceutical companies create a brand awareness and better sales results among prospects and patients. A recent study by comScore evaluated the impact of banner ads. The study found that interactions and expotures thru online ads improved adherence rates among patients. […]

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Microsoft Top U.S. Online Advertiser in June

Microsoft has been spending billions of dollars to get back its dominion over Internet search. Recent reports from comScore shows that 5.5 billion Microsoft ad views were displayed during the month of June. The main promotion being Windows Live Search, Live search cash back program and Live Search Club games. Though Microsoft has been promoting […]

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Yahoo Advertising Better than Google and MSN

Recent reports by Adgooroo for 2008 quarter shows that Yahoo has gained +9.8% while Google and MSN have lost on their advertising with -8.5% and -6.7%. Yahoo has managed to hold on to its advertisers and also increase to +0.03%. However, Google showed a decline of -6.4% which is considerable and MSN was the worst […]

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