Social Networking on Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft has now planned to have social networking services inside its Office 2010 applications. Microsoft Office 2010 is planned to be released this year.

Social media sites like LinkedIn have already started creating plugins which can integrate your Outlook with LinkedIn by passing updates to your inboxes. Microsoft is working with MySpace and Facebook to create a similar synch program.

Dev Balasubramanian, Outlook Office group product manager stated, “”It really is about bringing friends, family, and colleagues into you inbox,” Balasubramanian said in a video posted at the US software giant’s website.”

MS Office 2010Dev also added, “As you communicate with them you can see their social activities; you can see all of the folks in your social network and it updates as you are reading your email.”

Though Microsoft feels LinkedIn connection would help people using email programs stay updated on job status, contact informations or affiliations on the friend network, one would feel would many companies allow these features be used by its employees. Given the fact that LinkedIn is a huge source for job updates, job searches and enquiries.

Elliot Shumkler, product management director, LinkedIn mentions, “LinkedIn is all about your professional network. Meanwhile, Outlook powers the professional inbox so the match is very clear.”

The test version is available online at