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Apple itunes

How to remove Songs of Innocence from your iPhone & iPad

Apple might think it would have done a huge deal for us in automatic download of its free U2 album. Apple even said its a big moment in music history with 500 million automatic downloads.  But the truth is many were quite unhappy with this and frustrations could be seen in various social media platforms forcing […]

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Is Page Speed an important factor for Google Ranking?

With all the Google buzz in promoting the “Page Speed” Firefox plugin to enhance speed of websites and also its campaign to have a faster internet and faster websites, one would wonder if Google’s next target to optimize its search results would be page speed. Though page speed does have certain value while ranking pages, […]

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How many URLs in Sitemap

Well, if you have a site more than 1000 pages, you would have wondered this. How many URLs can I stuff inside one sitemap? The sitemap has become considerablily big. Will Google index all the pages I have mentioned inside? Well this is what Google has to say. You can have a maximum of 50,000 […]

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Google, Yahoo and AOL Sued

Google, Yahoo, AOL, and Digg arel sued by Sheldon F. Goldberg for patent infringement of US Patent 6,264,560. The Electronic Frontier Foundation calls Sheldon Goldberg a wanted person who has crimes against the public domain for threatening small online gaming websites and claiming to own basic online gaming architecture. He has been using these patents […]

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Google Analytics Automatic Email Schedule

Google has come up with automatic email schedules where Analytics reports are sent in Daily (sent each morning), Weekly (sent each Monday), Monthly (sent first day of each month) orQuarterly (sent first day of each quarter). They have all popular formats PDF, XML, CSV and TSV. These reports can also be sent to others with […]

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Hypens and Underscore in URL treated same by Google

Matt Cutts from the Quality Group at Google and a popular Webmaster Guide in the Internet world has stated that keywords separated with underscores are treated the same as keywords separated with hyphens.

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Google to treat Subdomains as Folders

Google will be treating sub domains similar to how folders are treated on a site. Matt Cutts from Google reported this update. He also did mention that Google will soon be treating even subdomains and subdirectories in the same way. He informed that there would be a total of only two URLs in any set […]

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