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Google Chrome with Extensions & Bookmark Sync

Google has now released its stable version of Google Chrome with the much awaited features: extensions and bookmarking. There are a whole lot of extensions added to the extension gallery. Google, with this release has made sure that some of the most adequate and top requested features are added up to this browser. Bookmark Sync […]

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Google offers Chrome for Mac in December

Google’s biggest hype of year 2008 Google Chrome would be available for Mac users by the end of this year. Yes, as some intellectuals would have guessed with the ever green “BETA” tag. In one of the Google groups for Chromium extensions, Nick Baum, product manager at Mountain View, California mentions that this release would […]

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Get Creative – Make a Google Chrome Video

Has it been a long time you felt creative? Forgotten the creative part of you with your hectic everyday work schedules? Then this might draw your interest. Google has invited Google Chrome fans to come up with creative videos which depict Google Chrome in a creative and unusual way. Up for the challenge? Jason Toff […]

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Google On a Major Plan to Promote Chrome

Google wants to get a larger pie on the browser market too with its Google Chrome or to say Google is getting greedier day by day. Remember once Google stated that it would not do anything to bring down Mozilla? Remember how it copied and used most of the successful open source components and codes […]

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Google Chrome Blocked in 5 Countries

Google has prevented download of its applications like GTalk, Gmail Notifier and Google Chrome in countries like Iran, North Korea, Syria, Cuba and Sudan. The reason being United States has export control and economic sanctions for these Middle Eastern and North African countries. Though Syrians and Iranians have been blocked from using these applications, Google […]

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Google Chrome and Browser War

With the launch of the much hyped Google Chrome, there is yet another competitor in the tough browser market. Google though it repeatedly states it would not hurt Firefox is on the other hand actually marketing the browser in full throttle swallowing most of Firefox users. Google Chrome is light, fast, easy, simple and powerful. […]

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Google Chrome Changes Appearance of Yahoo Ads

The new Google Chrome is light and fast and does not have all unnecessary options that the other browsers provide giving a larger view area. However, Yahoo ads on Google Chrome seem to have an underline in all the ads which are not pleasing and can even turn out giving low click through rates[CTR]. Though […]

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Google Chrome – Google’s New Browser

Yes, this is true. Google Inc., the search giant has planed to release a new browser called Chrome today. This would be a serious treat to Internet Explorer and Firefox. Google has intensified its battle against Microsoft as the new IE8 can block ads from Google. The beta version of Chrome will be released to […]

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