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Masterfile Copyright Infringement Claims

Well, if you have ever used a Masterfile image on your website, and you do not have the proper license details, I would suggest you remove it immediately. MasterFile, a Canadian stock agency is on a raid to make some fast money out of innocent website owners. Usually, a business owner does not create his […]

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75,000 Computer Systems Hacked Worldwide

This is considered as one of the largest sophisticated cyber attacks ever. Over 75,000 computers in 2,500 companies all around the world has been attacked. It is believed that the attack was started as early as 2008. The hack targeted credit-card transaction details, emails, corporate data and information in companies who are into health care […]

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Global Search Market grows by 46% in 2009

According to comScore, global search market increased by 46% in the last year alone with U.S. remaining the largest search market worldwide. There were more than 131 billion searches done from different places and by different age ranges. This would mean 4 billion searches per day, 175 million per hour and 29 million per minute. […]

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World’s Most Advanced IPTV Network Launched

With the ever-changing face of the adult industry on the Internet, Metro Content announced today the worldwide premiere launch of its cutting-edge, high-quality flash streaming IPTV website, RedHotTV. (more…)

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Japanese Addicted to Entertainment Sites

A report by comScore on top entertainment sites in Japan reveals that 74 percent of the Japanese online population visited entertainment sites. The report also states that 15 percent of the time Japanese internet users spend their time reading and watching entertainment sites. (more…)

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Half of Spanish Internet Users Read Newspaper Online

Based on data from comScore World Metrix audience measurement, it was found that out of 18.3 million Spanish internet users, 8.4 million visited online newspaper sites. This would mean 46 percent of the total Spanish online audience. (more…)

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How to Remove Antivirus Pro 2009

Threat Level: Low Threat Type: Rouge Program Antivirus Pro 2009 is a menace and has been infecting computers worldwide. Antivirus Pro is a fake anti-spyware program similar to AntiSpywareXP 2009 mostly affecting Windows XP systems. This fake anti-spyware automatically gets installed on your computer by displaying fake security alerts and fake warning messages. What does […]

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What is a Rogue Software – Detection & Removal

Rogue softwares or programs are fake security softwares which automatically installs malwares on an infected computer and gives fake warnings prompting users to purchase the software in order to remove those malwares. These fake security softwares usually install a Trojan horse inorder to download a trial version of the software or create fake malwares and […]

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Internet Service Providers in Bangalore – Review

Bangalore is considered as an IT capital of India. However, Bangalore residents do know that getting a good internet connection is not that easy. Most of the providers stick to the most important areas and do not have any plans of expansion. Others provide bad broadband internet and make us wonder if dial-up was a […]

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Safari Update with Phishing Protection

The new Safari 3.2 now has the most wanted protection on its browser. The phishing protection would help avoid fraudulent phishing websites and better identify online businesses. The version is available for both Mac and Windows users. Though search engines like Google have been reporting fraudulent phishing sites and alerting with a window before you […]

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