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End of an Era! Yahoo Sold!

Its an end of an era! The mighty has fallen dead. It was on a downward decline and its death was foretold years back. Melissa Mayer could do nothing but help it fall faster. Yahoo has now been sold to US telecom giant Verizon for just $5 billion deal. This was something no one expected. […]

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Google Will Have A Problem – Says Yahoo’s CEO

It has been pretty obvious that Google has dominated its competitors consistently. Nevertheless, rival Yahoo’s CEO Carol Bartz has pointed out a certain weakness that might cause Google to worry. According to Bartz, “Google is going to have a problem because Google is only known for search. It is only half our business; it’s 99.9% […]

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Yahoo News now with a Human touch

A man who was mentioned to have “dramatically improved” would now be the lead editor for Yahoo local news. Looks like Yahoo does believe that quality and creativity of the news that it provides its visitors is a crucial factor in traffic growth. (more…)

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Yahoo CEO uses the F word

After Carol Bartz succeeded co-founder Jerry Yang as the CEO of Yahoo, she soon got the reputation of a no-nonsense Bartz. However, she’s also popular for her blunt way of speech. Recently, during Yahoo’s first-quarter earnings conference call on Tuesday, she closed the conference with a surprise by using the F word. This surprise turned […]

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Spears and Obama in Top 10 Yahoo Searches

Barack Obama’s historical presedential win got him the most number of searches and clicks on Yahoo this year. However, “Britney Soears,” tops the list reported Yahoo Inc. The second most searched term was “World Wrestling Entertainment” followed by Obama. (more…)

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Icahn Opposes Partial Sale of Yahoo

Remember the Billionaire Carl Icahn? The limelight he tried to capture with Microsoft support? Guys, his game is not yet over! Icahn has opposed to sell part of Yahoo to former AOL Chief Executive Jonathan Miller. How will he as he is been fed by Microsoft? (more…)

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Yahoo CEO Yang Steps Down

Yahoo! Announced last night that its chief executive officer and co-founder will step down. Jerry Yang, now 40 co-founded Yahoo along with David Filo during 1994. He had returned as the chief last year. Yahoo has been struggling to stay alive during the recent years after Google attracted all of Yahoo’s loyal followers towards it. […]

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Yahoo Inquisitor for IE and Firefox

Yahoo announced that the Inquisitor Safari Plug-in would now be available for Internet Explorer and Firefox users. Yahoo Inquisitor is similar to its Search Assist or the Google Suggest tool. However, it also provides few related websites to choose from. Yahoo states on its download page that, “Inquisitor understands you, learning and tailoring your results […]

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Eric Jackson replaces Carl Icahn in the Stage Show

The drama never seems to get over. After Carl Icahn’s stunt as a middle man between Microsoft and Yahoo, now Eric Jackson has formed the ‘Yahoo! Plan B’ investor community. Who doesn’t want to be in the limelight? Eric Jackson, who is the founder of a hedge fund company and also an activist investor, has […]

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Yahoo Customizes Search for Olympics

The Olympic fever has caught up with search engines too. Yahoo has come up with various shortcuts to provide live information through its search engine. The new enhancement for Olympics would include country specific and overall medal count updates, athlete performance and records. It is estimated that 10,500 athletes would participate from 205 nations world […]

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