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How to get more fans for your Facebook Page?

I just started a Facebook page for SEO-MIND site and was wondering how to make more people become a fan of the Facebook page. I have got some as fans but they are my close friends and most of them are not actually into SEO, Internet Marketing or blogging. Here are some ideas which I […]

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Google Apologizes for its Buzz Privacy Issues

Many Gmail users were concerned to see the “Auto Follow” feature on its new Google Buzz. Well, how did Google ever think or have the guts to think that all Gmail users will want to reveal who they follow and their list of followers to the world? With a huge number of Gmail users getting […]

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Google to eat up Facebook – Buzz from Google

Google is all set to take on Facebook head on with its new Google Buzz. Buzz allows you to follow people and share your ideas to the internet world similar to how Facebook does.

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Top 5 Best Music Apps for Facebook

It’s time you spice up your Facebook profile page with your favorite artists, songs and bands. There are a whole lot of music apps available for free to help you make your profile page look cooler and more interactive. Here is a list of the top 5 apps that you can integrate with Facebook platform. […]

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Facebook Music Add Tab

How to Add Music to Facebook

Many artists now have a presence in Facebook and have their songs shared on it. Facebook is a great way to share your music to the world. Many have even ended up with record deals and have grown their musical career out of it. Though we need to add a third-party music application to Facebook, […]

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Survey Reveals Small Businesses not in Social Media Conversations

Few small business owners and managers are joining the consumer trend towards increasingly using social networking websites and services, according to a new Citibank / GfK Roper survey. According to the survey of 500 small business executives across the United States, 76 percent have not found social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn […]

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blinkx Launches Special Father’s Day Video Page to Prepare for This Sunday’s Holiday

Running out of gift ideas for your dad this year? Looking for some inspiration to get you in the mood? blinkx has created a Father’s Day video page sharing clips that will help you prepare for Father’s Day this Sunday, June 21. (more…)

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Social Buying to enter DC Market in July

Bringing the fastest growing trend in online shopping — group buying — to the Washington, DC market is launching in July and offering consumers exclusive special prices and discounts on shopping, dining, health clubs, spas and other in-demand services. With a simple premise — in order for a deal to kick in a minimum […]

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Scroll Boxes for MySpace

Here is a small Scroll Box script that you can just copy paste in your MySpace profile. Scroll boxes are perfect to add any number of text and images in your MySpace profile page. (more…)

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Digg Search Much Better Now

Search for the post you did on Digg and you would spend the rest of the day figuring out where the *@ll it went. End of the day you would assume that your post never got posted. Well, the fact is that your news or article did get posted. But Digg’s search engine was unable […]

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