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add printer on macos

Solved – HP Printer Driver for macOS Monterey 12.1 Macbook M1

Many of the new Macbook M1 users who upgraded to macOS Monterey 12.1 are struggling to find the right driver as their HP Printers and Scanners stopped working. HP Drivers for macOS 12.1 is difficult find and the one that HP takes you to clearly mentions it does not work on the latest Apple macOS. […]

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2020 Macbook Air

New 2020 Macbook Air is fast, double the storage, has better keys yet cheaper than before!

The new Macbook Air is priced at $999 lesser than the previous models. The keyboards are much better with island-style keyboards that are raised providing better action and feel. The storage is now doubled with 256GB being the minimum. This is great as many users will have difficulty micromanaging storage and wasting precious hours every […]

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Apple May Finally Bring a Dual-SIM iPhone

Dual SIM mobiles are largely popular in countries like India and China. A large number of mobile users prefer having two SIM cards, one to attend work and another for personal calls. There are also a large number of companies which provide dual SIM mobile phones and some even providing triple SIM mobiles. Almost every […]

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No new Macbook Pros

Yes, you heard it right. There was no news about Macbook Pro in Apple Special Event on September 7,2016. There were numerous hypes, gossips on how the Macbook would be and that it would be released in September but unfortunately there was no news about it by Tim Cook. All we had was the iPhone […]

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iPhone 7 Launched

iPhone 7 is Here! 12 MP Dual Camera, Retina Display, Lightning Earpods with iOS 10

The Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s is here. Its stunning especially in Jet Black and it would cost you the same as an iPhone 6S. Camera The camera has had a huge upgrade now sporting 12 MP with dual cameras on the iPhone 7s one with wide angle and a telephoto camera for portraits. […]

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iPhone 7 Lightning Headset

iPhone 7 to Most Likely Ditch Headphone Jack

There are numerous rumors arising now that the date for iPhone 7 is quite close. iPhone 7 would be launched on September 7th. One thing among the rumors that is pretty much confirmed isĀ  that the phone will lose the traditional headphone jack. Wait! really? So I cant attach my favorite headset to it or […]

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Apple get patent to disable camera

Apple receives patent technology to disable iPhone cameras in events

Well this might not be a good news for iPhone users. iPhone users may lose their right to take a video or photo in an event which could be a meeting, a gig or a concert. The patent relates to infrared signals that can send messages to your iphones instructing them to shut down video […]

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Translate quick and easy with Microsoft Translator on Apple Watch

Microsoft Translator has now been added to Apple Watch which can now help translating in a click

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