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Social Networking on Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft has now planned to have social networking services inside its Office 2010 applications. Microsoft Office 2010 is planned to be released this year. Social media sites like LinkedIn have already started creating plugins which can integrate your Outlook with LinkedIn by passing updates to your inboxes. Microsoft is working with MySpace and Facebook to […]

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Scroll Boxes for MySpace

Here is a small Scroll Box script that you can just copy paste in your MySpace profile. Scroll boxes are perfect to add any number of text and images in your MySpace profile page. (more…)

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Lindsay Lohan Blocked by Facebook

Lindsay Lohan has been blocked from accessing her own Facebook account as the site administrator thought it was just another fake account. Writing on her MySpace account, Lohan mentioned to her fans that though initially she laughed out, she was ‘shocked’ and red faced. (more…)

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MyAds by MySpace – Another Ad Network

MySpace has now officially launched a self-serving ad platform. With MyAds, users would be able to create their own ad banners and use demographic targeting. MyAds claims to provide more features than its competitors. Some of its top features include: Create your own ads Myspace provides all the necessary templates and instructions to build your […]

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UK Reduces Illegal Downloads

Warnings by ISP’s do seem to work in Britain. A voluntary agreement between six of the largest ISP’s in Britain and the British Phonographic Industry has helped reduce illegal songs downloads considerably. Internet piracy has always been a major issue for the music industry. Music industry suffers huge loses due to illegal downloads. A recent […]

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Yahoo to support OpenSocial Foundation

Yahoo along with MySpace and Google would be forming a OpenSocial Foundation to ensure neutrality and longevity of OpenSocial being a community-governed specification for building social applications on the internet. OpenSocial Foundation would be an independent non-profit entity. OpenSocial would be handed over to the new organization by July 1. Yahoo! Inc Vice President for […]

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