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Translate quick and easy with Microsoft Translator on Apple Watch

Microsoft Translator has now been added to Apple Watch which can now help translating in a click

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Microsoft adds Skype for Web Browsers

All that you would need is a browser if you are on the move and in need to chat or make a client call. Microsoft on Friday released a beta version of Skype plugin for web browsers. This would mean you just need to install a plugin which would run on your browser and you […]

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Microsoft Partners with Dropbox for Storing Office 365 Docs Online

Microsoft now would provide Dropbox as an option in both its free and paid versions of Office Online . According to reports, currently 35 billion Office files are stored in Dropbox. With this vast amount of Office files online, partnering with Microsoft will certainly help both ways. Now Dropbox users can collaborate on documents with […]

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How to Change the Color of Hyperlink – PowerPoint 2007

There are two methods to change the color of the hyperlink text while working on MS PowerPoint. By following either of the methods mentioned below, you can change the color of the hyperlink text or at the most, match the color of the hyperlink text with the text that is present on a slide. Point […]

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Social Networking on Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft has now planned to have social networking services inside its Office 2010 applications. Microsoft Office 2010 is planned to be released this year. Social media sites like LinkedIn have already started creating plugins which can integrate your Outlook with LinkedIn by passing updates to your inboxes. Microsoft is working with MySpace and Facebook to […]

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Microsoft Interop Days – Bangalore Dec 2009

Microsoft Interop Days was recently held in The Capitol, Bangalore. The event was attended by a large number of programmers, probably more than 200. Around 95% comprised of PHP programmers and the rest .NET programmers. Discussing with participants, I could find a mix of experience ranging from fresher’s to senior level PHP programmers, managers and […]

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How to disable Sync Center in Vista – Stop Sync Center

Want to disable that annoying Sync Center icon on taskbar in Windows Vista? You would also find that the files are being synced and the folder icons changed. To disable Sync Center, please follow the steps below. Its actually simple! (more…)

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Microsoft Sr. PM encourages Link Exchange

While Google has been repeatedly warning, penalizing and even banning websites which does Link Exchanges, it is quite strange to see Skip, Senior Product Manager for Office Live Small Business promote link exchange openly. On the MS Office Live blog, Skip openly propagates to go for link exchanges. He states, “If you want lots of […]

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Microsoft Buys Ciao with its Yahoo Money

The Microsoft-Yahoo stage show is in a hiatus and Microsoft wants to spend the money. That’s how all seems like. Microsoft has acquired Greenfield Online, the owner of for a stunning $486 million. Ciao is a popular price comparison website on the European market. Microsoft’s long wait and dream to buy Yahoo failed early […]

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Windows Live Messenger Bans TinyURL

Try sending a TinyURL link to your friend. You would get a message “The following message could not be delivered to all recipients:” Microsoft has recently banned sending these URLs on Windows Live Messenger at the time when GTalk has taken away most of its chat users. It is reported that TinyURL has more than […]

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