Google to eat up Facebook – Buzz from Google

Looks like Google is not satisfied with all its kills. Yes, it does get hungry often. With Google Buzz, it’s all against Facebook now.

With the recent Google Buzz, now Google allows you to automatically follow people you email or chat with. You can also share your ideas to the internet world or share only with your closest friends. Buzz also allows you to keep your comments in your inbox so you can keep the conversation going.

Google Buzz also allows you to import your profiles, photos, friends and network from other Google sites like Twitter, Flickr, Google Reader and Picasa.

With so much to offer and Gmail as a huge advantage, Google is all set to take on Facebook headon. Facebook on the other hand is still struggling on finding a clear business model. With its many recent updates claiming better features and user friendliness, the user experience has just gone from bad to worse. None better! But then on the other hand, not all products of Google have clicked. Anyone uses Google Wave or Orkut still? Well, most would have not even heard of Google Wave.

Many Facebook addicts are seriously concerned about Google Buzz. Google as you know is a money making machine and can make money out of any object that it steps on; even without the objects notice. Facebook users are posting messages asking Facebook to take some immediate steps:

  1. Stop any synchronization with Google or its products
  2. Do not allow Google to post any updates or info on any Facebook channel
  3. Do not allow Google to crawl Facebook or gather any info on Facebook to publish on Google’s channels
  4. Start a free web mail service like Google for Facebook users.
  5. And many more..

Google’s Buzz has become a thing of hatred to Facebook lovers more than for Facebook itself. On the other hand, Google Buzz does not seem to be that much interesting to Gmail users. Just a interesting icon on their left hand gmail menu. Lets wait to see how much interesting this Google Buzz is to the social media world.