Icahn Opposes Partial Sale of Yahoo

Remember the Billionaire Carl Icahn? The limelight he tried to capture with Microsoft support? Guys, his game is not yet over! Icahn has opposed to sell part of Yahoo to former AOL Chief Executive Jonathan Miller. How will he as he is been fed by Microsoft?

Stating the reason that the sale is undervalued, Icahn mentioned, “I don’t think there is very much to having a partial bid for the company, at least as a large shareholder:. Why then did he get angry when Yahoo former Chief Jerry Yang mentioned the same lines?

Jonathan Miller, AOL’s former Chief Executive is working on raising money to either buy Yahoo completely or part of it. However, these are not confirmed reports and rumors are that he might be raising money for other causes or purposes too.Yahoo Office

Icahn mentioned that he did speak to Miller over the weekend about the possibility of acquiring Yahoo but he stated, “I think the stock is very undervalued. Right now I would be against that and I pretty much told Jonathan that”. He further mentioned, Yahoo needs a new CEO who is “a hard-nosed, cost-cutting kind of guy.” He lamented that Yahoo needs to do a deal with Microsoft to share searching. Hey Yahoo guys!! Poor Icahn is desperate to get you sold to Microsoft! Please help him out or Microsoft would stop feeding him.