Google Puts an End to Domain Tasting

Google has planned to stop revenues from Adsense if the domain is less than five days old. This policy if implemented would be a disaster to websites who earn millions of dollars using the AGP or the Add Grace Period method. This is expected to be implemented before the month of March.

AGP is a privilege grace time period provided to domain registrars at the beginning of the registration of an ICANN-regulated second level domain to check the popularity and extend of usage of the purchased domain. At this time a registrar can delete the domain at no cost. Using this, registrars register millions of temporary domains and display Google Adsense Ads on them, thus creating millions of dollars in few days.

Some companies like Oversee have generated millions of dollars using this practice and would have a serious blow once the Google policy is implemented. It is also reported that one of Google’s Adsense partners has reportedly earned 3 million dollars in a month.

However, this move by Google is generally viewed as a good move and a smart policy to wade off Domain Tasters who use illegitimate ways to earn money. Reports state that as of April 2006, out of the 35 million domain registrations done, just 2 million + were permanent or was purchased.

A popular domain provider GoDaddy had reported that out of 55.1 million domains registered on February 2007, almost 51.5 million were cancelled and had to be refunded because of the 5 day grace period offer. This explains how large the market of Domain Tasting and quick money making is.