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How do Search Engines Handle Click Fraud

If you are a advertiser, you would frequently wonder if the expenditure on your ad networks are being utilized the right way. You would also be aware of the numerous types of illegal techniques with which fraudsters earn out of your advertisement. Some of the most common click frauds include: Automated Clicks or Click Bots […]

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MyAds by MySpace – Another Ad Network

MySpace has now officially launched a self-serving ad platform. With MyAds, users would be able to create their own ad banners and use demographic targeting. MyAds claims to provide more features than its competitors. Some of its top features include: Create your own ads Myspace provides all the necessary templates and instructions to build your […]

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New Google Adsense Guidelines

Google has instructed publishers not to blend Google Ads with the content. The new Google Adsense placement guidelines can affect at least 60% of Adsense users. Many publishers place Google Ads right below the topic or in between an article to increase clicks. Some publishers have even resorted to show Google Ads as a horizontal […]

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Google Puts an End to Domain Tasting

Google has planned to stop revenues from Adsense if the domain is less than five days old. This policy if implemented would be a disaster to websites who earn millions of dollars using the AGP or the Add Grace Period method. This is expected to be implemented before the month of March. (more…)

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