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Google Promoting Yahoo! Ad Agreement

It definitely looks fishy when Google tries to promote Yahoo! Ad agreement repeatedly proclaiming it’s great for Yahoo! And not just that! Google is now on a pursuit for testimonials favoring Yahoo! Ad agreement. Why should Google be so interested in something which will be good for Yahoo! Well the answer is MONEY! Yes, when […]

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Google Ads for iPhone

Google is now looking at cashing in using the young iPhone users. Ads on iPhone does not look like a dumb concept though with more than 10 million iPhones already sold. With its good Samaritan looks, Google may look deceptive as a social non-profit organization. It is in turn one of the highest profit making […]

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Google Adwords

Detective Sues Google for Unwanted Advertising

A private detective from the Bay State Detective Agency has filed a law suit in California Court against Google for advertising in third party websites. If the lawsuit wins, Google would have to end up paying millions of dollars. Bay State Dectective ageny private investigator David Almedia informed that the company had signed up for […]

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New Google Adsense Guidelines

Google has instructed publishers not to blend Google Ads with the content. The new Google Adsense placement guidelines can affect at least 60% of Adsense users. Many publishers place Google Ads right below the topic or in between an article to increase clicks. Some publishers have even resorted to show Google Ads as a horizontal […]

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Google Puts an End to Domain Tasting

Google has planned to stop revenues from Adsense if the domain is less than five days old. This policy if implemented would be a disaster to websites who earn millions of dollars using the AGP or the Add Grace Period method. This is expected to be implemented before the month of March. (more…)

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