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Network Solutions Search Hack Scandal

If you are finding out domain name options and suggestions using Network Solutions website, BEWARE! You would end up losing the domain to Network Solutions. They would take a Client Hold of it for the next 4 days.

Network Solutions, a ICANN accredited register has been using a mean way to force users to register domain names with them. Domain tasting, as it is called, is used by domain name registrant to test the marketability of a domain. The registrant is given a five-day “grace period” in which he can cancel the registration and avail a full refund from the domain registry.

This type of Domain Tasting has come into wide spread critizisam as registars and PPC companies use these domains to force users use their company or to make some quick money using PPC.

The ICANN Board of Directors has come up with a decision to stop the practice of domain tasting. One of the main reasons for this resolution is due to the unethical hacking of domain searches by Network Solutions.

The Board of Directors informed that the practice of domain tasting during the Add Grace Period (AGP) has become high from 2005 and that millions of domains are registered and deleted because of this Add Grace Period option. Hence, the ICANN believes that the withdrawal of refunding transaction fee would end this abuse of Add Grace Period (AGP).

This will put an end to typo-squatting and the quick money making PPC domain tasting industry. This would also mean an end to Network Solutions and other registrars using the AGP feature in an abusive way.

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