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Hong Kong Domains Most Dangerous to Surf

Well, have you landed on a site with an .hk extension? It is advisable to better close the website and search for another website. Your computer can end up with a whole lot of malwares, adwares and spywares. A recent report from McAfee reports that19.2 percent of all websites that ended with the .hk domain […]

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Google Puts an End to Domain Tasting

Google has planned to stop revenues from Adsense if the domain is less than five days old. This policy if implemented would be a disaster to websites who earn millions of dollars using the AGP or the Add Grace Period method. This is expected to be implemented before the month of March. (more…)

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Does buying Domains help SEO

Does buying multiple domains help improve search engine rankings? Link building being a major step in SEO companies and optimizers have sort after purchasing multiple domains to increase their rankings. Using this strategy they tend to quickly increase quality links from .org, .net and other domains useful for ranking. However, claims are that “Google resets […]

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