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Google’s Unfair Premium Publisher Preferences

Have you noticed how some sites have Google Adsense which does not even give the least hint that it is an advertisement? They do not have underlines, no borders, no sizes and not even a clear mentioning that they are ads by Google. (more…)

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Google Chrome Changes Appearance of Yahoo Ads

The new Google Chrome is light and fast and does not have all unnecessary options that the other browsers provide giving a larger view area. However, Yahoo ads on Google Chrome seem to have an underline in all the ads which are not pleasing and can even turn out giving low click through rates[CTR]. Though […]

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Google Adsense Payment Delay

Are you waiting for more than two months for the Google Adsense Check to arrive? You are not alone. There are Publishers waiting for more than 4 to 6 months. Google Adsense payments are delayed for many publishers especially in India and United Kingdom. Google seems to be delaying the payment even though it informs […]

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Google Adsense Scrollbar

Google Adsense publishers would have noticed a scrollbar popup on the corners of their website ads. Clicking on the Ad Scrollbar up or down makes the ad space display a new set of advertisements. Google Adsense has been constantly updating its marketing strategy to be beneficial for advertisers and publishers. The recent drop in Click […]

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Governor Spitzer uses Web for Prostitution

Governor Eliot Spitzer who gained national reputation protesting Wall Street wrong doings has been caught on a federal wiretap arrangement to meet a high-priced prostitute in a Washington hotel. This has led to a new light into the huge online internet prostitution industry. The Internet helps find an escort or a call girl easily using […]

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Splash Page

What is a Splash Page? Splash page is a web page where a promotion is displayed or information about the website is provided. They usually close automatically after a fixed few seconds. (more…)

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Transition Ads

What is a transition ad? Transition ad is a web page containing just an advertisement appearing usually between two other pages. Usually, these ads appear between a landing page and a lower level page. Transitional ads are commonly displayed on the window itself instead of as a pop up. (more…)

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Google Data Sharing Policy

Google has come up with a new data sharing policy for its Google Analytics and other Google service users. Google claims that this would improve user experience and integration with Google products. It states that sharing data would also mean enabling additional features in Google’s advertising services including Google Analytics, AdSense and Google AdWords. (more…)

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Google Puts an End to Domain Tasting

Google has planned to stop revenues from Adsense if the domain is less than five days old. This policy if implemented would be a disaster to websites who earn millions of dollars using the AGP or the Add Grace Period method. This is expected to be implemented before the month of March. (more…)

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