How to get more fans for your Facebook Page?

I just started a Facebook page for SEO-MIND site and was wondering how to make more people become a fan of the Facebook page. I have got some as fans but they are my close friends and most of them are not actually into SEO, Internet Marketing or blogging. Here are some ideas which I feel would help get started with a fan base:

  1. Suggest a Friend: ‘Suggest to friend” option on fan page is a good first step and you can suggest to all your friends on Facebook. But then as I said, they mostly joined because they are good friends of mine and not because they really wanted to stay update on search engine news. But then if you have a big friends list then it’s a great way to get a whole bunch of fans. I have seen some friends having 500+ friends on their list.
  2. Facebook Ad: If you are ready to spend, then this would be a good option. Create a Facebook Ad and place them on Facebook. You should be getting some good fan base in a month’s time if you have some interesting content on your Facebook page.
  3. Facebook Fan Box: Promote your Facebook page on your blog or website by using the Facebook Fan box. Place it on a visible section of your website. The fan widget has a “Become a Fan” button which can get fans in a easier way.

Well, that’s the ideas I have right now. Anyone has newer ideas or better ideas, I can post them on this article with a link back to your website!