How to Add Music to Facebook

Facebook Music Add TabMany artists now have a presence in Facebook and have their songs shared on it. Facebook is a great way to share your music to the world. Many have even ended up with record deals and have grown their musical career out of it. Though we need to add a third-party music application to Facebook, there are some pretty cool apps like iLike and that let you share your music easily to your profile.

So how do you add your music to Facebook? Here are few steps which can help you add music to Facebook at ease.

  1. First and foremost, create a Facebook account if you don’t have one. ( )
  2. Now create your band’s Facebook page.
  3. Now click on… Or any other music application you prefer. Allow it to access your profile.
  4. Now you land on a page which has a whole lot of features for you to use. You can search for artists, search songs, videos, concerts, free MP3s and many more. You can get all these published on your profile. Isn’t that amazing?
  5. Here you see a tab, My Music, where you can upload your own music too.
  6. Now navigate to your profile and click on the ‘+’ icon on the top and select ‘♫ Music’
  7. You are done now. Enjoy sharing your music to the world!

There are quite a lot of other music applications for facebook. Check the list of music applications for Facebook here!