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Social Buying to enter DC Market in July

Bringing the fastest growing trend in online shopping — group buying — to the Washington, DC market is launching in July and offering consumers exclusive special prices and discounts on shopping, dining, health clubs, spas and other in-demand services. With a simple premise — in order for a deal to kick in a minimum number of consumers must sign up — the effect of group buying is felt both by the buyers and the merchants.

Started in Boston, MA, (BWM) affords consumers exclusive deals by guaranteeing merchants a minimum number of new customers. BWM provides local merchants an innovative and risk-free way to promote their business while also driving traffic to their location with no upfront cost.

According to Arlyn Stokes, BWM’s DC director of sales and marketing, the site only features merchants among the best in their class. “BWM also provides selection by presenting multiple offers from the same merchant, and extends deals longer than one day, giving users the time to make an educated purchase,” she said. “Additionally, there’s an element of instant gratification, since BWM’s vouchers are delivered as soon as the deal hits its minimum number.”

“BuyWithMe offers exclusive deals that users simply cannot find anywhere else,” said CEO Josh Elwell. “We have had massive success within the first few weeks of our launch in Boston– with consumers saving more than $100,000–and we’re looking forward to bringing that type of saving power to folks in Washington, DC.”

BuyWithMe has hit the ground running in Washington, D.C., working up some exclusive deals with many fine merchants in the area, including popular restaurants Hook and Tackle Box, women’s boutique Urban Chic and beauty salon and spa, O Salon. “We at BuyWithMe are extremely proud to be in partnership with these exciting brands,” said Stokes, “We look forward to providing Washington, D.C. residents with access to the best the area has to offer.”

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  1. Simay October 23, 2015 at 2:49 pm #

    My friend Jody (it might be coeffe time ): The irrational exuberance of Wall Street has created monsters out of bunny rabbits as have recruiters created icons out of websites that offer quick ways to source but now are being afflicted with the regression to the mean disease.Yes, people are getting off of or minimizing their presence on LinkedIn to escape the marauding pinging by recruiters and marketers while Facebook contemplates diluting their dubious pool even more by letting youngsters on the site.Those of us who were the first on any of these and other sites have been quick to recognize when declining quality (AKA diminishing marginal utility) necessitates looking elsewhere for the people who can solve the problems that define the roles we’re filling.So the question is not whether one will trump the other but when both will fade away.I now look forward to Keith H.’s discourse on cheap sourcing.

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