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Facebook Gets a New Director

PALO ALTO, Calif., Facebook today announced that Donald E. Graham, chairman of the board and chief executive officer of The Washington Post Company , has agreed to join its board of directors next month. (more…)

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Twitter Instant Messaging Removed

If you were a twitter IM addict, I have some bad news for you. After a long struggle to fix bugs and issues with Instant Messaging, twitter has finally accepted their short comings and have removed twitter messaging. During recent months, twitter has been seeing huge traffic and popularity which its basic architecture was never […]

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Guns banned in UK YouTube Videos

Following political criticism, YouTube has banned Videos related to weapons, guns and ammunitions for viewers from UK. The move is due to raising knife and gun crime among young UK residents.The Google owned YouTube is the most popular online video sharing website. Back in July, UK parliament members raised concerns over videos on weapons and […]

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Is Scrabulous No More?

The most famous application on Facebook is disappearing in many countries. A search for Scrabulous results in a message stating that “We’re sorry, but this application is not available to you. Please visit the Application Directory to find other applications. Scrabulous, developed by the Agarwalla brothers had good popularity among the gaming community. However, it […]

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Sphinn Implements NoFollow

Sphinn must have had too much spam submitters. Sphinn has made its new links on the site to have a nofollow attribute. Spammers have been posting their links on the upcoming topics where voters can bring in traffic to their site. This Resulted in passing the page rank of Sphinn to its linked destination sites. […]

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Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media is a powerful marketing tool to drive in traffic and revenue. Your marketing strategy should be based on your goals. Finding out Your Community: Once you finalize on a social marketing medium, try to find out the community were your targeted customers are located. Interact, inform and share your product features with them […]

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Redesigned Facebook Profile to be Launched on July 14

Facebook has announced that it would launch the new profile design to Facebook users by July 14th. The new design would be a beta launch and users would be able to view the entire site including the home page news feeds, application invites and notifications. Facebook has requested its developer community to involve in the […]

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Social Media Optimization – Essentials

While search engine optimization has become a mainstream practice for any website, Social Media Optimization is considered a fairly new and unknown optimization field. Social Media Optimization can help hugely in search engine rankings and has a wider scope for fetching traffic and quality external links. Create Tagging Option The basics for fetching SMO popularity […]

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Best Social Bookmarking Plugins for WordPress

Social Media Bookmarks are becoming largely popular amoung blog users. A lot of simple customizable plugins are available on the Internet. I did a research on some of the SMO plugins available. A review of the top social bookmarking plugins I found are listed here. I request you to read the descriptions carefully. Choice is […]

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Secret of SMOs

The success of SMO lies on the topic of discussion. The more interesting and exciting the topic is the more the clicks and discussions. A detailed analysis of the area of expertize has to be done on the social community and then SMO has to be lead forward for better traffic and search engine rankings

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