Digg Search Much Better Now

Search for the post you did on Digg and you would spend the rest of the day figuring out where the *@ll it went. End of the day you would assume that your post never got posted. Well, the fact is that your news or article did get posted. But Digg’s search engine was unable to relevantly sort it out. I am not the one to claim that Digg’s search was all screwed up. Daniel Burka of Digg recently accepted this fact.

Now, what does Digg has to offer? Well, a new Digg search user interface along with improved search algorithm. This would mean timeliness and relevance. The factors that the search algorithm would consider would be Digg counts, keywords, time lines and other similar factors.

Here are some of the improvements on Digg Search

  • You can now filter results based on factors like Digg count, keywords, topic, time lines, etc. This can help you drill down to the required result efficiently
  • Now you can add advanced shortcuts like +p to your query for results only on promoted stories or you can add +u for the upcoming stories, and +b for all other buried/old stories.
  • Search tricks like placing query in quotes for an exact match or adding a negative sign before the term (i.e., -seo) to remove that term from your results now work on Digg search too. [Weren’t even these working all these days?]
  • A useful feature for search engine optimizers or content writers is the graph which shows the relative number of search results by month for the past several years. This gives visibility into the trend of a particular keyword term over time.
  • Searching for a story from a specific domain is better now. Digg gives more importance to recent domain-related results than when you type in the complete domain.
  • There is also a domain filter option available found in the left column.
  • The RSS feed is more flexible where you can choose specific keyword based stories and also filter stories if a specific keyword is present on the article.
  • With all these said, the new Digg search is faster and more efficient. A sigh of relief. Huh.