Google Apologizes for its Buzz Privacy Issues

Many Gmail users were concerned to see the “Auto Follow” feature on its new Google Buzz. Well, how did Google ever think or have the guts to think that all Gmail users will want to reveal who they follow and their list of followers to the world?

With a huge number of Gmail users getting annoyed out of this bold authoritative decision over the common man, Google will now be removing the auto follow option. Well, Google did not give a straight apology but wanted to also backup their thoughts to it. Todd Jackson, Product Manger of Google Buzz states, “With Google Buzz, we wanted to make the getting started experience as quick and easy as possible, so that you wouldn’t have to manually peck out your social network from scratch.”

Todd also added, “Many people just wanted to check out Buzz and see if it would be useful to them, and were not happy that they were already set up to follow people. This created a great deal of concern and led people to think that Buzz had automatically displayed the people they were following to the world before they created a profile.”

The latest update from Google states that it will make “auto-follow” feature into “auto-suggest”. Guess that looks and sounds more safer.