Transition Ads

What is a transition ad?

Transition ad is a web page containing just an advertisement appearing usually between two other pages. Usually, these ads appear between a landing page and a lower level page. Transitional ads are commonly displayed on the window itself instead of as a pop up.

These ad pages are given a timer which would automatically lead the browser to the requested page once the time is over. The user is also given an option to access the required page skipping the ad using a link similar to “Skip” or “Continue”.

Transitional ads that appear in a pop-up are called splash ads mainly due to its appearance on a splash page. These can be closed by the user or automatically closed after few seconds.

Transitional ads are sort after by advertisers as they have a good CTR. Though transitional ads have a high click through rate, they are generally not preferred by site visitors, web browsers or search engines.

Browser toolbars like Google Toolbar or Yahoo Toolbar usually contain option to disable any pop-ups appearing on a site. Also, pop-ups can even hang a page because of the java scripts incorporated, making the visitor to close the window and reopen again.