Google Adsense Payment Delay

Are you waiting for more than two months for the Google Adsense Check to arrive? You are not alone. There are Publishers waiting for more than 4 to 6 months. Google Adsense payments are delayed for many publishers especially in India and United Kingdom.

Google seems to be delaying the payment even though it informs that the payment has been made in the Google Adsense account. Publishers have been waiting for 4 months or more. This delay actually can give huge profit for Google as it would be having the publishers hard earned money in their pockets. The longer your money stays with them, the higher interest they earn out of it.

Google Adsense is where Google earns most of its revenue. Google has to provide a proper customer support system where publishers would receive a reply from real humans instead of an automated help section.

It is depressing to read the statement “Due to the high volume of emails we receive, we provide limited email support for a small set of issues” in its contact us page. It looks like Google is treating Adsense as a non-profit service and hence it does not have money to provide a proper support.