Google Data Sharing Policy

Google has come up with a new data sharing policy for its Google Analytics and other Google service users.

Google claims that this would improve user experience and integration with Google products. It states that sharing data would also mean enabling additional features in Google’s advertising services including Google Analytics, AdSense and Google AdWords.

Google also states that only users who share their data with Google would gain access to features like enhanced version of AdWords Conversion Optimizer.

Google requests you to choose any one of the options if you choose the advanced mode.

  1. Share my Google Analytics data anonymously with Google and the benchmarking service
    The above would mean removal of all identifiable information about your website and then combine your data with other anonymous sites.
  2. Share my Google Analytics data with Google products only
    This option would mean sharing the data with only Google products and services for further improvement.

However, there have been major concerns about this anonymous data sharing. Generally, a webmaster would not prefer providing his/her anonymous data to a benchmarking service. There is a possibility of allowing a third party website, or your competitor to find out all information about your website.

Concerns have been raised by search engine optimizers that Google might also use this to rank your website.