Splash Page

What is a Splash Page?

Splash page is a web page where a promotion is displayed or information about the website is provided. They usually close automatically after a fixed few seconds.
An example of a splash page might be, a web page informing the visitor that the site would need flash or Internet Explorer should be greater than Version 6.

Splash pages are greatly used for transitional advertising. Advertisements are popped up using a splash page and can be closed or are closed after few seconds.

To display a splash page and move it to a home page, information is provided in the meta tag. If you wish to have a splash page for 5 seconds and then direct the visitor to the home page, then it would be:

< META http-equiv=”refresh” content=”5; URL=http://www.seo-mind.com” >

This would inform the browser to load http://www.seo-mind.com after 5 seconds. Refresh header is used when a page has moved. However, there is a possibility of search engines disregarding the pages and valuing them far less than regular pages without Refresh.