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Digg Search Much Better Now

Search for the post you did on Digg and you would spend the rest of the day figuring out where the *@ll it went. End of the day you would assume that your post never got posted. Well, the fact is that your news or article did get posted. But Digg’s search engine was unable […]

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LATimes Praises SEO for its 127 Million hits for July

When many websites experience low page views during the summer, LA Times quietly achieved a massive traffic of 127 million page views during July. This is 7 million more than its May record and 66% growth from its previous year. LA Times credits its success to its search engine optimization it carries out. Mentioning in […]

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Social Media Optimization – Essentials

While search engine optimization has become a mainstream practice for any website, Social Media Optimization is considered a fairly new and unknown optimization field. Social Media Optimization can help hugely in search engine rankings and has a wider scope for fetching traffic and quality external links. Create Tagging Option The basics for fetching SMO popularity […]

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