Google’s new AdWords Interface

One would wonder when will the Beta be removed from most of Google products be it Gmail or GTalk. But then, that’s a result of continuous development and research by Google. Now, Google offers a new Beta AdWords interface which is currently limited to countries like the U.K. and Australia. The Beta Adwords interface is also available to Japanese, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Brazilian language users.

Some of the feature highlights include:

  1. Performance Graphics: Google would now provide spot trends with custom graphs for every campaign management.
  2. In-line editing: Keyword or bid editing has never been easier. Just click on the keyword or bid you wish to edit and make the changes without refreshing or loading a new page.
  3. Ad Group Insights: View and edit ad placements, keywords or ads from all ad groups in a single tab.
  4. Content Network Management: You can now set unique bids or exclude certain placements directly from the report on the Network tab.

Google mentions that the interface is still under development and all the features are not yet available. You can switch from old interface to new interface during this beta testing period.

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