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Google’s new AdWords Interface

One would wonder when will the Beta be removed from most of Google products be it Gmail or GTalk. But then, that’s a result of continuous development and research by Google. Now, Google offers a new Beta AdWords interface which is currently limited to countries like the U.K. and Australia. The Beta Adwords interface is […]

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Types of Click Fraud

There are numerous types of click frauds. Most common would be automated bots, click farms, pay-to-click and manual clicks. These clicks result in huge expenditures for advertisers without any results. (more…)

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MyAds by MySpace – Another Ad Network

MySpace has now officially launched a self-serving ad platform. With MyAds, users would be able to create their own ad banners and use demographic targeting. MyAds claims to provide more features than its competitors. Some of its top features include: Create your own ads Myspace provides all the necessary templates and instructions to build your […]

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Google Adsense Scrollbar

Google Adsense publishers would have noticed a scrollbar popup on the corners of their website ads. Clicking on the Ad Scrollbar up or down makes the ad space display a new set of advertisements. Google Adsense has been constantly updating its marketing strategy to be beneficial for advertisers and publishers. The recent drop in Click […]

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Network Solutions Search Hack Scandal

If you are finding out domain name options and suggestions using Network Solutions website, BEWARE! You would end up losing the domain to Network Solutions. They would take a Client Hold of it for the next 4 days. Network Solutions, a ICANN accredited register has been using a mean way to force users to register […]

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Click Fraud – Pay Per Click

Click fraud is the use of illegitimate ways to make money from a Pay Per Click program. The fraudster would either click on the advertisements on their own sites themselves or use automated programs to click on the advertisement. It is estimated that around 14.6 percent of all pay per clicks on ads are being […]

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Improving Quality of Search Traffic

A new survey based on 300 advertisers states that advertisers prefer quality of search traffic than clicks in pay-per-click search engines. Eighty-five percent of the online advertisers consider that quality of search traffic is the single and most important factor followed by bid prices and quality of search traffic. It is interesting to note that […]

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What is PPC?

Pay Per Click Pay per click (PPC) can be defined in the simplest form as an advertising concept where you pay only if a person clicks on your advertisement. If a person does not click, your advertisement still stays on all websites and you do not pay a penny. Doesn’t it sound good? Yup, and […]

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Yahoo to settle “Click Fraud” lawsuit

Considered one of the highest settlements ever, Yahoo Inc informed that it would refund money to thousands of advertisers as early as January 2004. However, the agreement would not limit Yahoo’s liability. Preliminary approval was given to the agreement by the United States District Judge in Los Angles. Due to this outcome, Yahoo has assured […]

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