Bomb blast reported in Jyoti Kuchi in Guwahati

One Killed. Ten Injured.
A bomb blast has been reported in Jyoti Kuchi in Guwahati on Tuesday evening. Intelligence officials informed that at least one person died and 10 were injured in the blast.

It should be noted that Union Minister of India, Pranab Mukherjee was supposed to hold a rally on Tuesday. Yesterday, Union Minister Pranab had given a press conference making a strong statement against terrorism while campaigning in Jangipur.

He had mentioned, “We are deeply shocked to learn about the incident at the Police Academy in Lahore. Once again it proves that terrorism is the biggest menace to the world peace and tranquillity. Unfortunately, the whole region has become the victim of senseless violence of the perpetrators of terrorism. We express our deep condolence to the trainees who lost their lives and also to the security and police personnel who lost their lives in fighting against terrorists.”