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Google’s new AdWords Interface

One would wonder when will the Beta be removed from most of Google products be it Gmail or GTalk. But then, that’s a result of continuous development and research by Google. Now, Google offers a new Beta AdWords interface which is currently limited to countries like the U.K. and Australia. The Beta Adwords interface is […]

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Demographic Bidding Now Available

Google Adwords is coming up with interesting features lately. The recent one being Demographic Bidding. The new demographic bidding feature can help you display ads to only specific age and gender segments within the Google Content Network. This can not just help increase click through rates but also understand and analyze how the ads perform […]

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Google Exchange Rate Issue

Many Google Adwords users received a mail stating that the exchange rate displayed in their Adsense account is incorrect. The exchange rate was listed as 1:1. Google adwords account holders from countries where the dollar rate was lower than their rates, were surprised, rather shocked to see the exchange rates issued incorrectly. However, users with […]

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Google Adwords

Detective Sues Google for Unwanted Advertising

A private detective from the Bay State Detective Agency has filed a law suit in California Court against Google for advertising in third party websites. If the lawsuit wins, Google would have to end up paying millions of dollars. Bay State Dectective ageny private investigator David Almedia informed that the company had signed up for […]

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Conversion Optimizer on Google AdWords Expands

Google has expanded the Conversion Optimizer Bid Management feature. This expansion would mean the bids would be automatically adjusted making AdWords simpler. The advertisers using this new AdWords feature would be able to automatically manage their cost-per-click (CPC) bids according to a maximum cost-per-acquisition (CPA) goal. Based on this, the AdWords application does adjustments keeping […]

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Google Online Challenge for Universities

More than 700 teams in U.S. have registered for the Google Online Marketing Challenge. Students would be provided $200 to spend on Google AdWords. Students have to work with various local businesses according to their preference and advertise online and track visitor trends and profit analysis. Vice President of Product Marketing in Google, David Lawee […]

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