How to Counter Spam – Tips from Google

Internet has been spammed in all possible ways from e-mail boxes to blogs. It looks inevitable to avoid spam. There just seems to be a possibility to reduce spamming.

Matt Cutts, Google Engineer and Head of Web Spam Team has been fighting spam for the last eight years. Speaking to web enthusiasts in the recent Web 2.0 Expo 2008 in San Francisco, he provided ample tips on fighting spam on websites.

He also mentioned that Captcha systems are not secure and that spammers can bypass CAPTCHA systems easier. Matt Cutts also stated how bots are signing up on Blogger accounts and use accounts to advertise their products and services.

Matt Cutts made it clear that search engine optimization is not spam and that Google by no means hates Search Engine Optimization. Cutts also requested web masters to inform Google Webmaster Central sites that use black hat techniques like white texts on white background to bring up search results.