Google to Penalize Annoying Pop-ups before Content

Google Search

Google is working on two updates to mobile search which will be applied to their mobile search engine. The main goal for these updates are to help users search for content easily on mobile.

Simplified search results

Google added a mobile-friendly label two years ago to help users reach websites where the text is readable without zooming and straining your eyes. Google also ensures thatn 85% of all their mobile results are websites which meet this criteria. Google will now remove the label so that the results are uncluttered. The mobile-friendly criteria will still be considered for ranking.

Lower rankings of pop-up ad websites

This could be a major headache for websites which force ads on users making them inconvenient.

Some examples of sites that would get hit are:
1. Pop up that covers the main content when a user lands on the page
2. Displaying an ad that user has to close or dismiss through escape
3. An ad on the top portion of the page with a standalone interstitial

Examples of Interstitial Ads


Google is now working on moving these websites down and lowering their ranking starting from January 10, 2017. This could be a welcome move for users who are frequently annoyed by forcible ads. This could also remove many spammy websites from ranking higher.