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New Image Search Algorithm by Google

Google has informed that its new image search algorithm would help search images on the internet far simpler.

The new image search tool would rank images in order of importance much like how website results are displayed on Google search results.

The current image results are based on the page content, alternative tags, image captions, image name and assumptions. However, the new search algorithm has the ability to even read images.Google Images

The search algorithm would first draw up a link between different images for a particular keyword. If the search is for earth, then the tool would assume the visual image pattern to have a circular visual theme. Based on this visual theme, it would identify other images related to the category.

Shumeet Balujaz, a Google researcher, mentioned in a paper he co-wrote with a colleague from the Georgia Institute of Technology that “By treating images as web documents and their similarities as probabilistic visual hyperlinks, we estimate the likelihood of images [being] visited by a user traversing through these visual-hyperlinks”.

The new tool would be called “Page Rank for Image Product Search”. The new search tool while tested on the most popular 2,000 images reduced 83% of irrelevant images returned in Google Image search.


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