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Blogger or WordPress? Which one is better?

Well, both Blogger and WordPress are excellent for creating a blog with common features. Both provide great tools and moreover both are free. The answer changes based on individual needs. (more…)

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SEO Benefits of Blog

There are a lot many reasons why blogs can be useful to your SEO efforts. Blogs and blogging have become hugely popular in recent times. With free blogging by WordPress, Blogger and other free open-source blogging applications, anyone who has little or no knowledge of coding can start a blog of his own. Blogs give […]

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How to Counter Spam – Tips from Google

Internet has been spammed in all possible ways from e-mail boxes to blogs. It looks inevitable to avoid spam. There just seems to be a possibility to reduce spamming. Matt Cutts, Google Engineer and Head of Web Spam Team has been fighting spam for the last eight years. Speaking to web enthusiasts in the recent […]

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Google Lets Bots bypass CAPTCHA

Looks like Google has been ignoring Blogger security issues lately. Bots are bypassing the human verification step and creating spam blogs automatically. This would be a serious threat to Googles security and Blogger reliability. CAPTCHA a type of challenge-response test is a verification process where the subscriber has to type the numbers/text that are displayed […]

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