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Paypal stops personal transactions to India without notice

Indian Paypal users mostly small merchants, freelancers, independent software developers and hobbyists are dismayed by Paypal’s unprofessional way of halting transactions to India. It did not give a formal notice or any direct information to its users. This can least be expected from a company as large as Paypal. What PayPal users wish was that […]

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Half of Spanish Internet Users Read Newspaper Online

Based on data from comScore World Metrix audience measurement, it was found that out of 18.3 million Spanish internet users, 8.4 million visited online newspaper sites. This would mean 46 percent of the total Spanish online audience. (more…)

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Airtel Free Internet

Airtel allows free Internet for prepaid customers when you activate Airtel Live. Using this free connection, you can also browse on your computer or laptop following the procedures below: Things you Need Airtel Live Activated [Its free – Call up the Airtel Customer Care for Instructions or send MASALA ACTIVE to 121. A Mobile which […]

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The Great Firewall of China

Journalists who landed for Olympics were surprised to know that most of the popular websites were not working inside China. That even included Wikipedia. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) came under severe criticism for allowing Chinese officials to hold on to their crazy censorship. International human rights activists have raised their voices on this issue. […]

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Do It Yourself – Tata Indicom WiMax Signal Check

It would sometimes be a pain to call up Tata Indicom customer care to come home and sort out whats gone wrong with your Internet connection. You can expect them at your doorsteps every morning till you make the payment but do not dream after that. Remember that since this is a wireless connection, there […]

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Tata Indicom WiMax – Installation Tips

Things to know before installing Tata Indicom WiMax Internet Connection. WiMax from Tata Indicom [VSNL] is gaining popularity as its wireless and has good reception. However, there are also issues from Tata Indicom Wi-Max users that signal fluctuates often and that the signal is dead many times a month. If you have an issue connecting […]

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Undersea Internet Cabling

Miles and miles of cables lie in the sea connecting continents and passing through various seas and oceans. It is a great task having these cables laid in the bottom of the sea. These same cables are used to also transfer telecommunications. Early sea cables during the 19th century were made of iron and later […]

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Super Fast Broadband

Though Internet has become faster during recent years when compared to half a decade ago, it’s still not fast enough to watch a movie online or play a game online. Boffins from Bangor University in Wales, has devised a method to increase the broadband speed by over hundred times the present rate. This technology if […]

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Internet in India Disrupted

Internet has been disrupted in India, Egypt and Gulf Arab countries. This is due to a ship accidently cutting down on the international undersea cable network on Wednesday near Alexandria, in Egypt’s north coast. It is estimated that it could take several days to restore the network and as much as 60% of the Internet […]

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