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Super Fast Broadband

Though Internet has become faster during recent years when compared to half a decade ago, it’s still not fast enough to watch a movie online or play a game online.

Boffins from Bangor University in Wales, has devised a method to increase the broadband speed by over hundred times the present rate. This technology if proved successful can download around fifteen full-length movies within a minute.

Dr Jianming Tang, from the Bangor University believes that this technology would revolutionize the internet industry completely making high-definition movies, computer games and video-conferencing much faster and reliable.

This device would look like a external modem which would have its input from the broadband and the output to a computer. The technology would be compatible with any existing fiber optic technology.


3 Responses to Super Fast Broadband

  1. IPs September 19, 2008 at 7:05 am #

    I think its very hard to compare which connection is super fast broadband? There is not standard protocol or basis of comparison to compare which is the fast as compared to other?


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