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Add new Google Analytics Account

How to add a new website in Google Analytics

This may seem easy to many but its a lot confusing to many too. Time and again, Google has kept shuffling and moving and hiding the Add Account button on Google Analytics. Its now in a quite confusing place as of now. Here are steps to add your new website to Google Analytics and fetch […]

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Add Google Analytics Tracking Code in WHMCS

How to Add Google Analytics to WHMCS

Sometimes, adding Google Analytics to WHMCS template would break the template and cause issues. The best way to add tracking code is from the WHMCS administrative backend. Log into your WHMCS backend Go to Setup and Choose Addon Modules Activate Google Analytics Go into your Google Analytics account and take your Tracking ID. This can […]

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Event Tracking

Google Analytics has introduced a new feature called Event Tracking which can track interactions with Web 2.0 style content. The new feature from Google can help you analyze interactions with AJAX, Silverlight, Flash, Adobe Air and other social networking applications. To use this feature, you have to update your current JavaScript with the new JavaScript […]

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Google Analytics Processing Delay

Google has informed that it has experienced a data processing error from April 30th to May 5th. This has resulted in data loss which Google states would recover most of them. Logging on to Google Analytics, one could find the below notice: “System Message: Analytics Processing Delay from April 30th to May 5th Google Analytics […]

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How to stop Google Analytics Automatic Scheduled Reports

Google analytics automated scheduled email option has been extremely useful as you get daily or weekly reports in your email and do not have to log into Google Analytics. However, daily reports can sometimes be bothering as they flood your email box. To know how to stop Google Analytics automated reports, please follow the following […]

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Google Analytics AIR

Google Analytics AIR Beta can be accessed directly from the desktop without opening a Web Browser. Google Analytics AIR provides more features and a better GUI with user-friendly menus and options. The profile manager section provides easy changeable options to multiple accounts. Google Analytics AIR also has handy data grids that help filter analytics and […]

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Google Analytics Beta Day Week Month Graph

Comparing month to month or week to week has never been easier, thanks to Google Analytics new feature to view analytical data daily, weekly or monthly. Google Analytics has come up with a new beta version of viewing graphs daily (regular view), weekly and monthly. This new beta version has been appearing from the last […]

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Google Data Sharing Policy

Google has come up with a new data sharing policy for its Google Analytics and other Google service users. Google claims that this would improve user experience and integration with Google products. It states that sharing data would also mean enabling additional features in Google’s advertising services including Google Analytics, AdSense and Google AdWords. (more…)

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Bounce Rate

What is a Bounce Rate? Bounce rate is used rather often while analyzing a web page. A bounce is reported when a visitor leaves the website after landing on one page. The visitor either closes the website or is sent to another website through a link on the page. (more…)

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Google / CPC reports are BacK!

Google / CPC reports were not being displayed on Google Analytics. May users reported that it had stopped working betweek 6th – 7th of January 2008. However, the reports are back from January 14th. Google had reported that it was a known issue and are working to resolve it. The reasons are still unknown.

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