Google Analytics AIR

Google Analytics AIR Beta can be accessed directly from the desktop without opening a Web Browser.

Google Analytics AIR provides more features and a better GUI with user-friendly menus and options. The profile manager section provides easy changeable options to multiple accounts. Google Analytics AIR also has handy data grids that help filter analytics and also provides export of analytical data in PDF, XML and Excel formats.

Google Analytics AIR was previously named Apollo a platform developed by Adobe that helps users implement web based services outside a web browser so that they can be used efficiently similar to a desktop application.

Google Analytics AIR is the first program tested in Adobe AIR platform. Adobe AIR runtime lets developers use their proven web technologies to build rich efficient internet applications to help implement on their desktop and run the application across various platforms.

The Adobe® AIR™ runtime complements the browser by providing the same application development and deployment benefits while adding desktop integration, local data access, and enhanced branding opportunities.

Some of the other applications developed in Adobe AIR platform are twhirl, Traffic Jam, Deploy Your own Illusion and loop8 Chat.