Career Mapping Tool for Job Seekers

A new web site targeted at job seekers and career changers, has developed a free Career Map tool that helps users transition from their current jobs to their dream jobs. The patent-pending, interactive Career Map technology gives users a step-by-step, visual roadmap for how best to achieve a new position. Users learn about skills, experience, and knowledge they’ll need — and are linked to resources for their career paths.

“The idea is to not only help users visualize their goals, but also help them achieve those goals,” said Founder Matt Maloney. “Building a Career Map is just the first step.”

The Career Map tool was created by studying the real-life career paths of successful people and finding patterns in their experiences. Because it is based in reality, KillYourCube’s mapping technology offers viable and proven options for users.

“This isn’t about guesswork,” said Maloney. “Our tool helps you follow in the footsteps of others and empowers you to dream big.”

The tool requires no research or experience on the part of the user. The interface is simple to use, and people who visit can start exploring career paths right from the homepage. was born from Founder Matt Maloney’s own desire to find a more fulfilling work. Now his dream is helping others realize theirs.

“People should love what they do,” said Maloney. “Basically, our Career Maps help you follow your heart.”