MyAds by MySpace – Another Ad Network

MySpace has now officially launched a self-serving ad platform. With MyAds, users would be able to create their own ad banners and use demographic targeting.

MyAds claims to provide more features than its competitors. Some of its top features include:

  1. Create your own ads

    Myspace provides all the necessary templates and instructions to build your own add.

  2. Audience Targeting

    You can choose which audience can view your ad. For example: An advertisement on home loans can be blocked for kids or teenagers and displayed to audience above 30 years of age.

  3. Choosing Budget

    You can fix your maximum budget for the day so that you will not experience unanticipated costs.

  4. Performance Monitoring

    Real-time data on the performance of your ad campaigns are possible which can help you better determine the demographics and the audience your campaign reaches.

MyAds would become competitive and popular as Google Adsense if MySpace uses them on its own website alone. Currently, MySpace looks like targeting only Musicians. However, MySpace states that the service is for everybody.

With more number of players in the internet advertising market, advertisers may get the edge with lower PPCs. But this would also affect publishers to a large extent.