Tata Indicom WiMax – Installation Tips

Things to know before installing Tata Indicom WiMax Internet Connection.

WiMax from Tata Indicom [VSNL] is gaining popularity as its wireless and has good reception. However, there are also issues from Tata Indicom Wi-Max users that signal fluctuates often and that the signal is dead many times a month. If you have an issue connecting to the internet 80 percent reason could be that there is low signal or the signal is null. To check this out you would have to call the customer support and this can be a pain.

Things to take care of while installing Tata Indicom WiMax

  1. The engineer would keep the wireless receiver on top of your house. Make sure to get the highest signal possible. Good signal would be anywhere above 17+. If you have 20+ then you can be assured of a decent speed. If your home is located 0.25 Kms from the signal station, then you are bound to get a signal of 26 at least.
  2. The engineer checks through telnet a DOS interface. The engineer would choose the base station which sends the highest signal.
  3. Once you get the signal, it is very important to check if the signal is constant and does not fluctuate. This would take some time to track. This would be done by the engineers themselves. Once you find that the signal is constant for at least 5 – 10 minutes, now your wireless receiver is ready for installation
  4. Make sure the receiver is installed in a strong foundation where the receiver might not turn due to rain, wind or any possible disturbance like human beings, birds or animals. If the position is changed, your internet signal would reduce eventually.
  5. After installing the receiver, make sure the receiver is firm and the screws tightened.
  6. After receiver testing, check the signal again to make sure the signal is still the same.