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Internet Service Providers in Bangalore – Review

Bangalore is considered as an IT capital of India. However, Bangalore residents do know that getting a good internet connection is not that easy. Most of the providers stick to the most important areas and do not have any plans of expansion. Others provide bad broadband internet and make us wonder if dial-up was a […]

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Airtel Unveils New Broadband Tariff Plans

Airtel has unvield new broadband packages for more choice and flexibility. The broadband internet packs are customized for both residential and business segments. The packages offer better flexibility on utilizing the internet or the voice phone. (more…)

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Hathway Broadband Bangalore Tariff

Hathway Broadband has one of the widest internet coverage’s in Bangalore covering almost all areas in and around Bangalore. Hathway usually ties up with local cable service providers to provide internet and has a whole lot of tariff plans. (more…)

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UK Reduces Illegal Downloads

Warnings by ISP’s do seem to work in Britain. A voluntary agreement between six of the largest ISP’s in Britain and the British Phonographic Industry has helped reduce illegal songs downloads considerably. Internet piracy has always been a major issue for the music industry. Music industry suffers huge loses due to illegal downloads. A recent […]

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Do It Yourself – Tata Indicom WiMax Signal Check

It would sometimes be a pain to call up Tata Indicom customer care to come home and sort out whats gone wrong with your Internet connection. You can expect them at your doorsteps every morning till you make the payment but do not dream after that. Remember that since this is a wireless connection, there […]

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Tata Indicom WiMax – Installation Tips

Things to know before installing Tata Indicom WiMax Internet Connection. WiMax from Tata Indicom [VSNL] is gaining popularity as its wireless and has good reception. However, there are also issues from Tata Indicom Wi-Max users that signal fluctuates often and that the signal is dead many times a month. If you have an issue connecting […]

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Undersea Internet Cabling

Miles and miles of cables lie in the sea connecting continents and passing through various seas and oceans. It is a great task having these cables laid in the bottom of the sea. These same cables are used to also transfer telecommunications. Early sea cables during the 19th century were made of iron and later […]

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Internet in India Disrupted

Internet has been disrupted in India, Egypt and Gulf Arab countries. This is due to a ship accidently cutting down on the international undersea cable network on Wednesday near Alexandria, in Egypt’s north coast. It is estimated that it could take several days to restore the network and as much as 60% of the Internet […]

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