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Detective Sues Google for Unwanted Advertising

A private detective from the Bay State Detective Agency has filed a law suit in California Court against Google for advertising in third party websites. If the lawsuit wins, Google would have to end up paying millions of dollars.Google Adwords

Bay State Dectective ageny private investigator David Almedia informed that the company had signed up for Google Adwords. However, he wanted to advertise only on Google search engine and not on websites like MySpace or personal blogs.

He also mentioned that while setting up the budget for advertisement, he had left the text box blank thinking that a blank box means he would not be charged and that his advertisements would not be displayed.

Google has earned $1.7 billion from advertising in the first quarter of 2008. It should also be noted that Kabateck Brown Kellner had filed a suit against Google for Click Fraud and Google ended up paying $90 million in settlement in the year 2006.

However, this sue by the private detective does not seem to have a strong base to fight against Google. It is a well known fact that Google also displays the advertisement in its other websites apart from the search engine like Blogger and also on third party websites.

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